No contracts. Month to month. Get it all.

Just $5 a day.

No Fine Print.

Every In Touch EMR client is a VIP with the unlimited everything plan – scheduling, documentation, e-faxing, appointment reminders, authorization countdown alerts, patient portal, live intra-company chat, advanced practice analytics and phone support. We’re simpler, faster and cheaper than your current EMR and include AI driven technology to customize your SOAP notes, outcome measures and more. All clients get the same VIP service – we won’t burden you with ‘add-ons’ to rack up your monthly fees.


Drag and drop scheduler. See multiple schedules in one screen. Get authorization alerts. Patients get voice, SMS, and email appointment reminders.


Document your patients, your way with fully customizable documentation templates. Medicare compliant. Patent pending workflow. Over 10 million documents created and counting.


Get paid more, faster with automatic transmission of claims from EMR to billing software. One click claim scrubbing. Automatic posting of ERA. Seamless denial management.


Complete clearing house integration, allows online eligibility verification, electronic claim submission to thousands of payers and built-in claim scrubbing to ensure a first pass claims acceptance rate of greater than 95%. Over $1 billion in claims transmitted in 2015.


All clearing house functions are certified by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). Enjoy the highest level of HIPAA compliance with the prestigious Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) CORE II certification of the billing system.


Unlike other EMR systems that will charge you extra for added features, every client of In Touch EMR gets the unlimited everything plan – scheduling, documentation, e-faxing, appointment reminders, authorization countdown alerts, analytics and phone support.


Market and grow your practice with built-in patient engagement tools (newsletters, SMS campaigns, surveys and more). Boost payer reimbursements with our billing service.


Discover how hundreds of practices across the country are dramatically reducing their EMR fees within the first 7-days. Learn how to avoid hidden costs and contracts, since we are transparent with all our pricing.


Market to your patients on autopilot to increase referrals. Automatic email, voice and SMS appointment reminders will improve patient arrival rates and increase revenue.

Your EMR and billing software should streamline the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER patient experience. Here’s what you can expect with In Touch EMR.

THE DURING PATIENT EXPERIENCE (streamlining documentation)

  • Medicare compliance
  • Point and click template creation
  • Unlimited faxing
  • Medical records upload
  • Incomplete notes tracking
  • Functional Limitation G-Codes and MIPS reporting/alerts
  • Claims automatically submitted to the billing software

Here are some of the ways in which In Touch Biller Pro boosts the efficiency of your front desk and biller:

THE BEFORE PATIENT EXPERIENCE (front desk automation)

  • Online eligibility verification
  • One-click patient chart creation
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Automatic emailed newsletters
  • Streamlined patients intake
  • Authorization tracking and alerts
  • Physician certification period tracking and alerts
  • Progress note tracking and alerts


  • Complete billing software and clearing house integration like you’ve never seen before
  • Automatic claim scrubbing
  • Flexibility for biller to review/edit/update claims prior to payer submission
  • Auto-posting of ERAs
  • Tracking patient payments (co-pays, deductibles) and patient receipt printing
  • Shifting crossover balance to secondary with one click
  • Automatic batching of claims
  • Streamlined denial management
  • 100+ reports, completely customizable


Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself.

Let us walk you through a demo customized to your practice and if we don’t show you how you can save at least $100 a month,
we’ll send you an Amazon gift card for your time.


Imagine the patient walks in.

In three clicks, the front desk can instantly verify online eligibility, create a patient chart automatically and schedule the patient for recurring appointments.


Imagine that the patient is getting treated and the clinician is completing documentation.

Fast, simple, easy documentation with our customizable template builder, with Medicare compliance (Functional Limitation G codes, MIPS reporting), voice recognition and auto-text input built in.


Imagine that the patient has left the clinic and it’s time for billing and marketing.

Claim is automatically transmitted to the billing software, scrubbed and can be submitted with one click. ERAs are posted automatically. Reports to track every single aspect of your cash flow.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch EMR can save you hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars each month in your practice.

In my 30+ years as a compliance auditor, author and instructor, I have yet to see an EMR and billing software as comprehensive as In Touch EMR. If you are looking for compliant ICD-10 documentation, and a ‘gold standard’ that can survive auditing, get In Touch EMR. A well-defined workflow for the front desk, clinicians, billers and coders makes this a one-stop shop for quick, compliant documentation and flawless billing. I’m impressed with their HIPAA compliance, PHI protection and data breach prevention protocols. The front desk automation (certification alerts, patient portal, birthday reminders, e-newsletters) and clinician automation (progress note and reevaluation countdown. Auto Text technology, flowsheet templates, tasks and messages) are sufficient to set them apart. They didn’t stop there. The billing automation (claim cleanser, automatic transmission to billing, CCI edits – modifier 59 automation, auto-post ERAs) and the administrator functions (access controls, audit logs, time tracking, productivity metrics) result in an incredible EMR and billing software combination for all clinicians. It’s a no brainer – forget the hype from other products and get In Touch EMR

Cheryl House RMC, CHI
Compliance Auditor, Author, Coder and Instructor at Illinois Valley Community College