Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Eligibility and Benefits VerificationFinally – Your staff should do what they do best – engage with patients one-on-one, in person. The rest can be left to us.

Some practice owners try to do too much. On the one hand, it makes sense to ‘do it all in house’, but on the other hand, some things are best delegated to specialists and outsourced teams, especially when this can save you money.

If your staff spends a significant amount of time, effort and money on verification of eligibility and benefits, then call us at 800-421-8442 or click here to schedule a call to learn more about the In Touch EMR eligibility and benefits verification service.

In Touch EMR has an incredible service to take the entire task of eligibility and insurance verifications away from you, and make it our responsibility!

It is essential that every healthcare practice, including physical therapy private practice owners, verify insurance eligibility and patient benefits before services are provided. This will prevent missed opportunities that result in lost income and claim denials. This will substantially reduce the workload and / or confusion at the front desk staff, since patient eligibility will be verified prior to check in.

Reduce your Front Desk Administrative Costs by As Much as 50%

The average staff member spends 10-15 minutes verifying eligibility and benefits information over the phone. Not only does this pull the staff member away from other, more critical tasks like patient callbacks and customer service, it costs you money.

Let’s say the staff member’s salary is $15 an hour. A 15 minute phone call therefore, costs you almost $4-$5.

This does not take into consideration the time the staff member spends waiting for responses, and filling out authorization forms.

The In Touch EMR eligibility verification service solves all these problems at rates as low as $2 per verification. The end result – a happier front desk staff and lower claim denials.

This service from In Touch EMR is a powerful and effective way to prevent claim denials for reasons such as ‘non-covered service’ and denials due to lack of eligibility.

Our service includes an analysis of all scheduled appointments, and all communication with the payer, so that we provide you with all this information (in many cases, before a patient walks in to your clinic):


Insurance coverage


Co-pay / co-ins




Out‐of‐Network Benefits


Pre-authorization required service details


Patient policy status


Services covered by patient plan


Requirement of Referrals

Imagine what a verification service like this can do for your practice.

Patient Inbound Calling

Effective patient engagement is the hallmark of a successful, rapidly growing private practice.

Our live operators act as an extension of your clinic and will answer all patient questions about patient statements and outstanding bills.

This will significantly reduce the administrative work of your front desk staff, and help your staff to focus on what matters the most – providing one-on-one attention to care to all your patients face-to-face.

An Entire Team of Qualified Billers, Coders and Clinicians to Support Your Practice

At In Touch Billing, we use a network of clinicians, physicians and attorneys in addition to our contacts with payers to make sure you get paid more, faster. Our team includes certified billers, coders and accounts receivable specialists. Every aspect of your claim, from scheduling to clinical documentation to claim submission and payment posting is monitored carefully from start to finish.

Our services will help you save time, effort and money and allow you to do what you do best – focus on patient care. We specialize in workers compensation claims and NF billing of outpatient, inpatient, implant, and ambulatory surgery practices as well.

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In Touch Billing provides billing and coding services with a team of experienced, and dedicated billers and coders, certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). In Touch Billing has an average first pass rate 8% higher than industry standard, with costs averaging 2% lower. Schedule a discovery call today to get your no obligation billing quote from In Touch Billing.

In Touch Billing is one of the few medical billing companies in the country, that offers unlimited support via phone, email and live chat. We guarantee to lower your medical billing costs, and provide you with outstanding customer service.

Click here to schedule a free ‘billing strategy’ call with the experts at In Touch Billing, or call (800)-421-8442 to learn more.

To get an overview of all the services at In Touch Billing, watch this video below:

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This no-obligations 10 minute call has helped thousands of practice owners across the country reduce costs, and increase monthly revenue.. and now it’s your turn. In addition to our eligibility verification service and our inbound patient calling service, In Touch EMR provides an integrated software suite, consisting of an EMR, scheduler and billing software, combined with a meticulous billing service. This allows your practice to save tens of thousands of dollars each year. Learn more in our no-obligations, no-pressure discovery call. You’ll see for yourself why In Touch Billing is a full-service billing company unlike anything you’ve ever seen.