Architecture of the Perfect Medical Billing Company

It’s easy to find medical billing companies, but identifying the right medical billing software and an affordable, reliable biller is more challenging. In Touch Billing™ integrates EMR, billing software and a billing service so clinicians can do what they do best – treat patients.

Many practice owners have had a bad experience with previous medical billing companies. Choosing the wrong billing company can impact productivity, decrease revenue and cause compliance problems, even endangering professional licensing.

In Touch Billing™ is one the few medical billing companies that will carefully compare medical billing software and incorporate scheduling, documentation, billing and marketing into a single integrated product for managing the clinic, the revenue cycle, and continuity of patient care.

There’s no need to purchase several different software products, hoping that each will work with one another, or hire an expensive team of IT specialists to install it all. We handle all of it for you so you have one integrated product and one integrated team to work with.

In Touch EMR™ was designed and built by private practice clinicians that are cognizant of the needs of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and mental health practitioners. With the Referral Ignition tools, coaching and marketing services, the company has established a track record for increasing clinician revenues in over 30 states in the U.S. and eight countries worldwide.

In Touch EMR™ is one of the only EMR vendors in the rehabilitation field to pass all ONC HIT 2014 certification requirements. It’s certified in all pertinent fields, ranging from transition of care, clinical quality measures and quality management systems to privacy and security, medications and allergy lists, and data portability.

When evaluating medical billing companies, here are some things to consider:

An Ecosystem Saves Time and Money

medicalbillingcompaniesvisionHundreds of practices have dramatically reduced their EMR fees within the first 30 days using In Touch EMR™. Many of the routine processes associated with the patient encounter and sending claims to the medical billing department are automated, saving time for clinicians, decreasing denials, and shortening reimbursement turnarounds.

The software enables clinicians to staff more efficiently for optimal results. Without the need to maintain on-site servers, practitioners can also liberate resources and space within the practice to offer additional services or products that provide diversification and other revenue streams.

In Touch EMR™ offers complete practice management that functions as a stand-alone system and integrates with existing programs. It contains the ability to scrub claims with a single touch and identify areas that could be cause for a denial. Online insurance verification and eligibility reduces the potential for medical identity theft that costs practices thousands of dollars each year. Credit and debit card processing is built-in.

Claims are filed electronically and can be scheduled for individual or batch submission and patient statements can be delivered electronically or as printed documents. In Touch EMR™ has the lowest claim denial rate within the medical software industry at less than .5 percent and payments can be deposited directly into clinic accounts. The medical billing company software works with hundreds of insurance providers and clearinghouses around the globe.

Ongoing HIPAA and Compliance Training

Medical billing companies should follow HIPAA regulations for compliance and provide a comprehensive record if an audit is initiated. Software should include military grade encryption for the special needs of those in the medical profession. Access is limited to authorized personnel and In Touch EMR™ includes sophisticated firewalls, tools to encrypt  passwords, and intrusion detection software.

The medical software is Medicare compliant and certified compliant with all applicable criteria adopted by Health and Human Services. Regular updates are performed, cloud storage and management provides an extra level of safety, and the medical software provides real-time monitoring. In Touch EMR™ provides ICD-10 support and meaningful use support.

The In Touch EMR™ app is available in the Apple store and supports interaction with referring physicians and patients in multiple ways that they normally communicate. The medical billing coding software can be employed on clinic laptops and tablets utilizing PC, Mac and Android operating systems.

In Touch Billing provides detailed compliance blueprints, daily webinar trainings and access to experts on the panel of In Touch EMR.

Fast, Simple, Customizable Documentation

The ability to document information quickly and accurately as the patient encounter is being conducted is built into In Touch EMR™. Customizable templates are included that reflect the processes of the individual clinic and its normal workflow. Flow sheets are automatically updated with ICD and CPT codes, along with all patient encounter information.

Practitioners have the ability to create automated sentences that can be linked to hotkeys. The phrases can be entered automatically during the documentation process for time savings. Dynamic goal boxes enable practitioners to create their own questions that are incorporated into documentation forms.

Every clinician knows it takes longer to type in information than it does to speak. In Touch EMR™ includes voice recognition capabilities for documentation on the go, offering an enhanced level of productivity and the ability to transfer the information to billing for submission of the claim. The medical billing company assists clients in transitioning to In Touch EMR™ and the exportation of patient records.

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Marketing and Training

It provides the means to contact patients via text, phone and email. Sophisticated marketing tools make it easy to create reports, acquire new patients, and address referrals. Automatic patient appointment reminders improve patient arrival rates for increased revenue by substantially reducing no-shows. Individuals are prompted to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment.

Password protected patient portals enable test results and similar information to be posted for the patient to view, reducing time spent by staff on notifications. Done-for-you newsletters provide an additional way to maintain contact with patients and market the practice.

The medical billing software provides clinicians with a self-paced video training program for quick mastery. Unlimited training is offered by phone, email and live chat. Unlimited licenses are available and additional clinics can be added. The medical billing software doesn’t require installation on clinic computers. All it takes is an Internet connection and a browser, preferably Firefox or Chrome.

Complete Setup and Maintenance (no fine print)

All implementation services should be included, including documentation and template customization, training, support (phone, email and live chat), data upload.

All hosting, software maintenance and updates should be included. In Touch EMR conducts major updates once a month to improve the software, based on a feedback mechanism driven by users. Users make a feature request, and other users can vote on the same requests

Documentation Review

In Touch Billing extensively reviews clinical documentation and looks for any illegible or missing information in all documentation prior to claim submission. If there are any errors, the facility / administrator will be notified and asked to re-send the relevant documents.

Eligibility Verification

The staff at In Touch Billing will verify patient eligibility for each claim, prior to claim submission. This process helps to significantly reduce claim denials.

ICD-10 and CPT Coding

The coding specialists at In Touch Billing will input / verify the procedure and diagnosis codes for each patient based on CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), and ICD-10 (International classification of Diseases – Tenth Edition) standards. The coding specialist will also apply the appropriate modifiers if required based on the procedure and diagnoses codes entered. A senior coding specialist will then review the codes entered before the charge entry process.

medicalbillingdetailsClaim Creation

Once all documentation is checked and verified, and the coding is completed and reviewed, In Touch Billing submits the medical claims while adhering to rules pertaining to the specific carriers and locations. Claims are usually created within a 24-hour period after the charge entry information is received from the clinician.

Pre-transmission Audit

Once the charges are entered, and claims created, the claims are then put through a series of stringent audit checks at multiple levels. The completed claims are rechecked to ensure that all information is valid and complete with correct procedure codes and diagnosis codes. The most common reason for rejected claims is incomplete / incorrect information and this pre-transmission audit ensures that such problems are identified and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Claim Submission

Post audit, the final audited claims are printed / transmitted electronically to the respective payers (commercial or government) along with relevant information and the necessary supporting documentation to facilitate settlement of the claim. All work includes review and submission of claims on behalf of healthcare providers with government and commercial companies by electronic and paper means.

Rejection Process Handling

If any rejections are received from the claims submitted, the EDI specialist will analyze the rejected claim and correct the errors and resubmit a clean claim. Simultaneously, the errors received will be shared and filed away with the charge entry team and the coding specialists to minimize re-occurrence of errors.

Payment Posting

The payment posting team reviews the EOB files received through scans or ERAs through the clearing house. Before posting payments, the team analyses and reconciles deposit slips, insurance check copies, patient payments and calculates total payments received by batch with the amounts received from the payer. Daily reports are sent to the Provider with information regarding payments posted and any exceptions or queries.

Accounts Receivables Tracking

In Touch Billing includes the services of a dedicated AR specialist. This specialist generates reports of claims which are unpaid for more than 30/60/90 days and analyzes such claims. The AR specialist follows up with the payer with respect to the pending claim status, analyses why the claims remain unpaid and takes appropriate action to get the claim paid.

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Productivity Monitoring

In Touch EMR analytic reporting includes detailed metrics on patient demographics, clinical productivity, time tracking and revenue prediction based on billing trends. This will help management identify clinical productivity curves and help in staff management.

Monthly Reporting

Detailed monthly reports will be provided, including but not limited to amount collected, aging reports, current AR, clinician productivity tracking. A detailed analysis of the performance of different clinicians will also be provided, helping management identify and improve the performance of providers based on visits and collections.

Conclusion – An Affordable, Reliable Alternative to Traditional Medical Billing Companies

In Touch EMR™ is an advanced technological medical coding billing system for complete practice management, billing, documentation and marketing solutions.

The medical billing software is compatible with multiple clearinghouses and insurance providers, scrubs claims, and significantly reduces reimbursement times for better cash flow to the clinic.

All In Touch Billing clients get the following at no extra charge, all of which are significant service offerings that other companies charge extra for:

  1. Documentation and compliance review (additional oversight) of every single claim prior to claim submission.
  2. All implementation services, including documentation and template customization, staff training, support (phone, email and live chat), data upload.
  3. Complete setup, software updates, compliance tools and training, documentation review, eligibility verification, claim creation, pre-transmission audit and compliance check, claim submission, rejection process handling, payment posting, productivity monitoring and monthly reporting.
  4. Dedicated customer support – Customer support staff will be available to help billing clients by phone, email and live chat. One-on-one training and group training arranged by appointment.  Automatic claim transmission from EMR to billing software.

As one of the only EMR vendors in the rehabilitation field to pass all ONC HIT 2014 certification requirements, the software provides clinicians with the tools to remain HIPAA, Medicare and Health and Human Services compliant, while allowing practitioners to practice medicine in the way that’s best for their clinic. Critical compliance alerts are included.

In Touch Billing is one of the rare medical billing companies offers unlimited support via phone, email and live chat, along with a 60 day money back guarantee. Click here to schedule a free ‘billing strategy’ call with the experts at In Touch Billing, or call (800)-421-8442 to learn more. To learn more, watch this video below:

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In Touch EMR is a fully integrated scheduling, documentation and billing software for physical therapy practices. It is a simple and user friendly web-based, ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant EMR, and it offers customizable templates for notes, the ability to attach files, electronic signatures, and the ability to track progress notes, treatment plans, and assessments.

Please click here for a brochure of In Touch EMR. (please right click and choose ‘save as’ to download the brochure).

Click here for answers to your most frequently asked questions about EMR selection and transition.

In Touch EMR has grown to over 1000 clients, our company / founders have been mentioned on CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post, Amazon, been featured as a Cleardata success story, received the prestigious ONC certification, 2015 and 2016 PQRS registry designation, integrated with Microsoft’s cutting edge patient portal technology and initiated groundbreaking healthcare partnerships with companies like Novartis. All of this is possible thanks to clients across the country, who have embraced In Touch EMR.

In Touch EMR is featured on our HIPAA compliant hosting partner (Cleardata) website along with other industry leaders such as the Cleveland clinic, Nexttech, Saint Mary’s regional medical center and UCLA health.


At In Touch EMR, we charge a flat fee per licensed clinician (no hidden fees or surprises) and it includes everything, unlimited claims and notes and infinite custom template creation. We are also a CMS recognized PQRS registry, we automate the reporting of PQRS and Functional Limitation G codes and provide automatic alerts for plan of care expirations, authorizations, progress note reminders and KX modifier alerts.

Clients also get a self-paced video training program on how to get up and running, custom documentation template builder, iPad app – one touch document import, Instant Intake iPad app, unlimited patient manager and patient portal.

Every license unlimited ongoing support (phone / email / live chat), billing software integration, unlimited appointments, unlimited documentation, unlimited document uploads and unlimited electronic faxing.


We are a premier vendor in the rehabilitation space, and on the prestigious, certified Health IT Product List, which is a division of the office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Very few vendors can make this claim, and they generally won’t bring this up (in some cases, out of ignorance) mostly because this is not a mandatory certification, it is optional and requires a significant investment of time and effort. This certification is a sign of our commitment to a HIPAA compliant, secure and stable EMR system for your clinic.

If you ever get audited, the fact that you are using ONC-certified EHR technology (CEHRT) will work in your favor. CMS looks favorably on the use of CEHRT since HHS is trying to encourage the adoption of CEHRT amongs providers nationwide as part of a long term push towards electronic documentation and interoperability between EMR systems. Your practice can state that it carefully vetted and selected “a rehabilitation-specific vendor that passed  all of the ONC HIT 2014 Edition EHR Certification criteria required to satisfy the Base EHR definition”

Since In Touch EMR has been very proactive at staying at the forefront of emerging guidelines for EMR vendors, you are assured higher quality, higher security and more compliance with CMS and other payer regulations.

For more information about the ONC, please visit:

In Touch EMR is one of the only EMR vendors in the rehabilitation space to pass all the 2014 Edition EHR Certification criteria required to satisfy the Base EHR Definition as stated by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, as listed here:

In Touch EMR is on the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) website.

The product is listed here:

Search for In Touch EMR > CHPL Product Number: 150002R00


“In Touch EMR has emerged as a comprehensive, customizable EMR solution for our growing organization. Support is always there when we need it, options to customize options to match our workflow are endless, clinicians find it simple and easy to use, front desk and billing love the integration between documentation and claims and compliance is built-in. This is exactly what we needed and it has boosted our efficiency. Couldn’t have asked for more. In Touch EMR is a leader in web-based EMR for our practice. Thank you!”

Julie Edelman PT, DPT – Avanti Therapy

“Moving to In Touch EMR was a process of adjustment, but it was worth it, for several reasons. Not only has the staff at In Touch EMR been proactive in adding new features and responding to support calls and streamlining our billing processes, they have been understanding, professional, polite and patient. The ability to create our own documentation templates, generate professional reports on demand and submit claims to billing with one click has allowed us to streamline our practice. The billing software is extremely versatile – I can review number of claims sent / on hold, payer breakdown, charges per visit and collections per visit. Our biller is able to pull up detailed reports, exactly the way we want. My front desk staff has the ability to track authorizations and create progress note alerts, physician prescription alerts and fax reports to physicians with the click of a button in In Touch EMR. My management is now exploring analytics to identify areas of growth and efficiency and expect to drive our practice further with analytic insights. Best of all, the transition for our entire staff was streamlined and consistent and help was readily available. I like that we are able to talk to someone whenever we need to. If you are looking for a powerful, reliable, and responsive team to help you implement EMR and billing software to grow your practice, look no further than the team at In Touch EMR. We support this therapist owned EMR company wholeheartedly.”

Matthew S. Fischer, MSPT – Fischer Physical Therapy

“In my 30+ years as a compliance auditor, author and instructor, I have yet to see an EMR and billing software as comprehensive as In Touch EMR. If you are looking for compliant ICD-10 documentation, and a ‘gold standard’ that can survive auditing, get In Touch EMR. A well defined workflow for the front desk, clinicians, billers and coders makes this a one-stop shop for quick, compliant documentation and flawless billing. I’m impressed with their HIPAA compliance, PHI protection and data breach prevention protocols. The front desk automation (certification alerts, patient portal, birthday reminders, e-newsletters) and clinician automation (progress note and reevaluation countdown, autotext technology, flowsheet templates, tasks and messages) are sufficient to set them apart. They didn’t stop there. The billing automation (claim cleanser, automatic transmission to billing, CCI edits – modifier 59 automation, autopost ERAs) and the administrator functions (access controls, audit logs, time tracking, productivity metrics) result in an incredible EMR and billing software combination for all clinicians. It’s a no brainer – forget the hype from other products and get In Touch EMR”

Cheryl House RMC, CHI  Compliance Auditor, Author, Coder and Instructor at Illinois Valley Community College

“I was looking for a Practice Management Software that combined both documentation and billing platform systems that work in unison. I had previously tried more complicated systems that made me exhausted at the end of the day. In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro represent a united and unified package that helps the private practice clinician govern a practice. It’s easy to use, it is concise, and it has a plenty of analysis variables to study.”

Sammy K. Bonfim PT – Rehabilitation & Performance Center

All In Touch EMR customers get unlimited support via phone, email and live chat.

Click below to schedule a free demo with the experts at In Touch EMR, or call (800)-421-8442 to learn more.

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At In Touch EMR, we charge a flat fee per licensed clinician (no hidden fees or surprises) and it includes everything, unlimited claims and notes and infinite custom template creation. We are also a CMS recognized PQRS registry, we automate the reporting of PQRS and Functional Limitation G codes and provide automatic alerts for plan of care expirations, authorizations, progress note reminders and KX modifier alerts. Schedule a demo to see why practices across the country are switching to In Touch EMR.