Integrated Scheduling, Documentation, Billing and Marketing in ONE Product.

Big savings: You only pay for licensed providers.
Seamless integration of scheduling, billing and clearing house services in one system.

1) Breathtaking Simplicity with One Ecosystem

Use one system to simplify the before, during and after patient experience with a simple ecosystem that integrates billing and clearing house services together.

Enjoy the benefits of real-time eligibility verification. Avoid timely filing issues – each encounter is matched with a claim. Get paid more, faster with denial management and payment collection tools.

2) Trusted Authority and Quality Conviction

Clearing-HouseAll clearing house reports are integrated into the In Touch Biller Pro software. These services are certified by Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

You get the protection of the highest level of HIPPA compliance because we have the prestigious Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) CORE II certification to prove it.

3) Predictive Claim Submission Technology

  • Electronic connections to thousands of payers.
  • Scrub, submit and automatically batch your claims in the cloud.
  • Upload claims, or enter claims directly, or enjoy automatic transmission (and online editing and resubmission) of claims from In Touch EMR.
  • Each year hundreds of millions of dollars worth of medical claims are successfully billed via our clearinghouse partners.
  • With thousands of built-in edits your first pass acceptance rate typically reach 95% or higher.

4) Intuitive, Online Eligibility Verification

What if the patient came in, and your front desk was able to check insurance eligibility online in seconds, create a patient record and schedule the patient without having to type in all the patients’ information?

Instant online eligibility verification can save your front desk or biller the trouble of having to make a phone call to verify eligibility in many cases.

5) Auto-posting of ERAs

Save time by automatically posting payments and adjustments with just one click. This can save you and your billing staff hours of effort and speed up your revenue cycle

  • Upload and download ERA files
  • Automate ERA retrieval with SFTP file transfer
  • Print any ERA in perfect text readable format

Work smarter – not harder and stop manually posting remittance advice. Throw away the paper and move to auto-posting with our ERA technology, included for you at no extra cost.

6) Crystal Clear Reporting

Your practice can trust our system to manage your claim submission and all of the feedback from payers. You can take advantage of:

  • Dashboard clearinghouse reports
  • Track rejections and denials
  • Real-time rejection alerts

No more wading through complex clearinghouse reports. All you need to know about the status of your claims is now available with unprecedented metric analysis.