Smarter, Simpler, Integrated Technology.
ONE Product for Scheduling, Documentation, Billing and Marketing.


*No contracts for the EMR service.
*You only pay $49/m for licensed providers.  *Cancel EMR at any time.

The Vision from our Founders.

ITEvsOtherEMRSystems-1As a husband and wife team of physical therapists, we always wanted ONE system to schedule, document, bill and market our private practice. We also wanted an EMR system that was simple and easy to use.

Everything on the market was complicated and made us feel like data entry machines, like glorified typists. We were told “if we didn’t document this way or that way, we wouldn’t be compliant etc.”

We searched for years for something we liked, and didn’t find anything. So we did what any normal person we do. We invested our life’s savings, emptied our 401k and hired a team of cutting edge engineers to build something that didn’t exist.

Creating an entirely new and improved workflow meant inventing entirely new technology. We started the quest in 2009 with a minimalistic approach to electronic medical records (EMR) technology. The engineers at In Touch EMR went through a process of intense iteration. We distilled all the components of EMR software down to their most simplistic and essential elements.

We went back to the drawing board several times. We got rid of everything that was not critical. We worked on design and workflow tirelessly for months. We reached the end, and then went back to the beginning again and again. We were relentless in the elimination of the unnecessary. The goal was a technology that was simple to use and easy to learn.

It didn’t seem possible, but we dared to re-imagine EMR, and we did it.

With In Touch EMR, everything you need has been integrated into a single, integrated solution. You get the benefits of Java technology, the global standard for developing and delivering embedded and mobile applications, games, web-based content and enterprise software. Java can be used to efficiently develop, deploy and use exciting applications and services in a cloud-based environment. The result is In Touch EMR, a cloud-based EMR you can use, from any device with an internet connection.

The First of its Kind…

You get the benefits of a dedicated team of private practice owners (in the management team), compliance specialists and auditors with over 20 years of combined experience guiding our compliance efforts.

You enjoy the reliability of a secure, HIPAA compliant global web hosting infrastructure. You can browse, document and upload files at blazing speeds, wherever you happen to be.

You have never seen anything like it. Once you start using it, your practice will never be the same again. Just like Steve Jobs reimagined the PC, music and phone industry, we dared to re-imagine EMR as you know it.

“When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life (role) is just to live your life inside the world. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” – Steve Jobs

The overall capability of In Touch EMR is so impressive, we rival other products that cost hundreds of dollars more per month. The system is so customizable and user friendly you’ll find it fit right into your practice workflow.

Everything is all new – the design, the benefits, the technology, the servers, the security.

Here are some of the differentiating features of In Touch EMR:

(Items marked in asterisks * are part of In Touch EMR’s patent-pending workflow and are only available to In Touch EMR clients.)


Finish Notes Quick and Go Home

Here’s what you can expect:

schedulinganddocumentationCreate your own documentation templates. Control what you document in the subjective and objective components of your notes.

You create a vivid and lifelike picture of the patient’s condition in minutes with the click of a button. With this entirely new and improved workflow, you will document better and quickly meet standards for medical necessity. You will complete your notes and bill faster, dramatically improving your cash flow.

We provide you with a step-by-step training program, followed by phone and email customer support to help you get up and running quickly.

In Touch EMR was engineered with a level of surgical precision you would never expect. We use cutting edge spring framework technology to power our simple drag-and-drop templates. This allows you to complete your notes faster. You will bill faster and leave your office sooner, moving one step closer to the lifestyle of freedom and independence as a healthcare professional.

Drag-and-drop form builder allows you to completely create and customize every question, every section of your documentation.

  • Build your own templates or customize the two basic done-for-you templates for your specialty.*
  • Imagine your own clinical decision pathway. Your patients, your way. Every user in your practice can build/customize their own templates.
  • We adapt to you. You create and customize unique, compliant clinical documentation. The result – YOU WIN!.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch EMR can save you hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars each month in your practice. The math will make sense.


One Glance Tells You How to Grow your Practice

billingandreportingWith In Touch EMR, your claim is automatically scrubbed and submitted to the billing software for biller review.

The biller can push a button to scrub and edit the claim against millions of pre-programmed payer rules. Another click automatically batches the claim and submits it to the insurance company.

This allows you to get paid more, faster. No one else does it better.

In Touch EMR makes the experience of using EMR beautiful and simple. In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro weren’t just designed to work together, they were designed to enhance one another. Billers are raving about the integrated workflow from In Touch EMR to In Touch Biller Pro.

Compliant Documentation + Automatic Claim Transmission = Better Cash Flow.

Once you finalize the note, the claim is submitted automatically to the billing software. Push a button and your claim is scrubbed and submitted to the insurance companies, before your patient leaves the clinic. This doubles the efficiency of your biller, allowing you to get paid more, faster. And that’s just for starters.

Save Time with Auto-Patient Chart Creation

Imagine if you could create a patient record without having to type in the patient’s name, address and date of birth. Save time and reduce denials with our brilliant ‘auto patient creation,’ patent pending technology.* This new technology helps the front desk do what they do best: talk to the patient, start the relationship on the right foot, and avoid getting caught up in data entry.

Auto-Batching of Claims and Auto-Posting of ERAs.

It didn’t seem possible, but we did it again. When electronic remittance advice (ERAs) come back from the payer, your biller can review and auto-post them to the patient record. This one-click action saves the biller hours of manual effort. *These two features alone will increase the efficiency of your biller.

Integrated Clearing House Services and ICD-10 Codes Built-in

You enjoy one integrated system for scheduling, documentation, billing and clearing house submissions. Your claim is automatically sent to the clearing house, allowing you to sit back, relax and get paid quickly. In Touch Biller Pro contains the entire library of ICD-10 codes, and also lists truncated/unspecified ICD-10 codes to help reduce denials.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch EMR can save you hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars each month in your practice. The math will make sense.


Save Time with Each Patient Visit

EMR-Image-1-030314 In Touch EMR helps you improve your workflow before, during and after the treatment process so you don’t just work hard, you work smart.

Here are 10 ways you will save at least 5 minutes with each patient visit using In Touch EMR.

  • You can ‘auto generate a patient’ and create a patient record without having to enter the patient’s demographic information because our proprietary technology automatically captures this data from the payer database and uses it to auto generate a patient record.*
  • Patient eligibility can be verified online, and can save your front desk 15-20 minutes on the phone with the insurance company for each patient.
  • This patient record automatically appears in In Touch EMR, saving the front desk even more time.
  • Every clinician in your practice can have an unlimited number of documentation templates which are customizable.
  • The clinician can document quickly using voice recognition, iPad and auto text features (type in an abbreviation like ‘hep’ and the text “Patient is compliant with home exercise program” automatically appears in the comment box”)
  • When you ‘check in’ a patient, we automatically count it as an authorized visit, allowing your front desk to keep track of the remaining authorized visits.
  • When a note is finalized, the claim automatically appears inside In Touch Biller Pro, the integrated billing software.
  • The billing software and clearing house are merged, so you have one system for claim submission, ERA posting, denial management, patient statements and reports.
  • We help you automatically scrub a claim and determine if there are any problems before it is submitted.
  • We automatically batch claims and submit them at the end of each day.
  • ERAs can be reviewed and posted to the patient’s account in one click.
  • Secondary (and tertiary) billing can be done with one click.
  • Patient statements can be generated with one click.

More Benefits:

  • Universal access (nothing to install) – Access our software from any computer, any tablet device (iPad, Android) with an internet connection.
  • Free upgrades for life – Every time we update the software, you get the benefits. You don’t pay a dime for software upgrades.
  • Astounding integration between scheduling, documentation, billing and marketing – You get all these events in one system. The front desk registers and schedules a patient. The clinician completes documentation with point and click technology. The biller saves time because claim is pre-filled, scrubbed and can be submitted with one click. ERAs are posted automatically. Statements are generated and mailed to the patient. Patients automatically get appointment reminders and emailed newsletters.
  • Patent-pending automation – Imagine if this system saves you 5 minutes per patient (most customers say it saves them a lot more). The impact is exponential. Click here to learn how much you can save each month.



Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself.

Let us walk you through a demo customized to your practice and
if we don’t show you how you can save at least $100 a month, we’ll send you an Amazon gift card for your time.


Imagine the patient walks in. In three clicks, the front desk can instantly verify online eligibility, create a patient chart automatically and schedule the patient for recurring appointments.


Imagine that the patient is getting treated and the clinician is completing documentation.
Fast, simple, easy documentation with our customizable template builder, with Medicare compliance (Functional Limitation G codes, PQRS reporting), voice recognition and auto-text input built in.


Imagine that the patient has left the clinic and it’s time for billing and marketing.
Claim is automatically transmitted to the billing software, scrubbed and can be submitted with one click. ERAs are posted automatically. Reports to track every single aspect of your cash flow.

Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself.

Let us walk you through a demo customized to your practice and if we don’t show you how you can save at least $100 a month, we’ll send you an Amazon gift card for your time.

*There is no separate license fee for additional staff members (non-licensed clinicians); however each user with a unique credential (a username and password) is subject to a $10 monthly fee for ongoing program access, customer support, server utilization and personalized access rights/capabilities.