US versus CHINA | Is This THE END of the US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency?

In this blog, Dr. Nitin Chhoda explores: 1. Economic Realities – The Dominance of the US DollarDebt matters, and a majority of the world’s debt is held in US dollars.2. Historical Perspective – The rise and fall of empires, including the United States3. What the Future Holds – Will the dollar continue to remain the world’s reserve currency given the inevitable rise of China?

Unlimited Stimulus Checks & Unemployment Benefits? Fed Chair’s 60 Minutes CBS Interview Highlights

Dr. Nitin Chhoda discusses the growing US federal debt, how money is ‘being printed digitally’ (another way of saying it’s being generated ‘at will’ by the Federal reserve), and why the Federal Reserve Chairman is likely to go down in the history books as the greatest financial wizard the world has ever seen.

SECOND STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE | How Long Do You Have to Wait for a Second Stimulus Check

Dr. Nitin Chhoda answers the question “How long do we have to wait before our 2nd stimulus check?” and also addresses the recent actions of the United States Senate, including their decision to go on a vacation in the middle of this crisis!The Senate spent the past 3 weeks in session and could not come to an agreement with the House on the next round of stimulus.

MAJOR STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE | White House Just Announced New Stimulus Money | Direct Payments Coming

Dr. Nitin Chhoda discusses the global, political and economic realities that will lead to more stimulus money for Americans.According to a new article on CNBC, the Trump administration is getting ready to send out more stimulus money soon. The president said, “I think we’re going to be helping people out” and “getting some money for them”.

Interest Rates Drop Straight Down and Turn Negative | Goodbye Savings Accounts?

The Federal Funds Rate just took a big tumble and stands at 0.05% today. Some analysts are predicting negative interest rates – a ‘worst case scenario’. In this training video, Dr. Nitin Chhoda explains the ‘dark side’ of negative interest rates, and outlines all the actions taken by the Federal Reserve to help us during this crisis. Here’s what you can expect:

Will Big Stimulus Lead to the END OF THE DOLLAR as a Reserve Currency? | Will Dollars Be WORTHLESS?

Dr. Nitin Chhoda discusses the dominance of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and whether this is coming to an end. This dominance can be attributed to global, political and economic factors. In the midst of this worldwide crisis, Dr. Chhoda answers the question “Is this the end of the US dollar as a reserve currency?”

The Unemployment Benefits Secret – Why It Pays to Stay Unemployed

In this blog article, Dr. Nitin Chhoda outlines the current state of unemployment benefits in the country, and explains THREE things related to your unemployment insurance claims: 1. The state will make the final interpretation. 2. Depends on your job before the crisis started. 3. Every situation is different.


TWO Reasons We’ll See Another Trillion+ Dollar Stimulus Plan – Politics and Economics in an Election Year. This is an election year. The real unemployment rate, which includes people who are not looking for work or are underemployed, already stands at 22.8%. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin acknowledged that the jobless rate may be even higher and stand at 25%. “The reported numbers are probably going to get worse before they get better,” he said.

$600/week PUC Extension Stimulus till 3-31-21 (Unemployment Benefits BOOSTED with HEROES Act)

Unemployed Americans could see their benefits expanded under the $3 trillion coronavirus rescue bill being proposed by House Democrats.The Heroes Act unveiled Tuesday spans more than 1,800 pages and includes assistance to state and local governments, hazard pay for front-line health care workers and extended financial relief programs.

THE NEW $3 TRILLION STIMULUS PLAN | More Stimulus Checks | $6,000 a Household | $600/week Extension

House Democrats just unveiled a new $3 trillion stimulus proposal to blunt the pandemic’s effects on the economy. The chamber plans to vote on the legislation, which includes relief for state and local governments, direct payments and hazard pay for essential workers tomorrow – Friday.

FIVE WAYS to Lower Rent, Slash Credit Card & Car Loan Payments During this Crisis

In this training video, Dr. Nitin Chhoda shares valuable insight on 5 things to do when you’re out of work and bills are piling up. 1 – Make sure you are applying for all available benefits. 2 – Make a budget and trim unnecessary expenses. 3 – Proactively reach out to all creditors. 4 – Protect your identity and prevent fraud. 5 – Tap into emergency funds including IRAs and credit cards as a last resort

IS THE DOW ABOUT TO PLUNGE? Warren Buffet Predictions (2020 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Recap)

Dr. Nitin Chhoda analyzes the latest comments from Warren Buffet in the legendary investor’s most recent annual shareholder meeting and predictions about the future of the stock market. These are personal interpretations and opinions based on the most recent 2020 Berkshire Hathaway Annual shareholders meeting on Saturday, May 2nd.