SCOOP – $1.3 Trillion Stimulus Package COMING (FULL DETAILS)

Dr. Chhoda explores which states are getting the $300/week unemployment benefits.

WHICH STATES are Getting $300/wk Unemployment Benefits NOW (and Georgia GAMECHANGERS)

Dr. Chhoda explores which states are getting the $300/week unemployment benefits.

TELL ALL Money Secrets – INSIDE THE MIND of a Millionaire

Dr. Chhoda shares some of his biggest secrets and ideas about money management as we look back at 2020.

How the $2000 Stimulus Could BACKFIRE on the Republican Party

Dr. Chhoda explores how the problems surrounding the $2000 stimulus check, including the President’s initial “scorched earth” approach towards the $2000 stimulus check could backfire on the Republican party, with the GA senate runoff races (and control of the Senate) looming next Tuesday.

Did the President Use Defense to HOLD STIMULUS HOSTAGE (REAL COST of $2000 Stimulus Checks)

Dr. Chhoda explores the actual cost of the $2000 stimulus check relative to the $600 stimulus checks and an assertion from a Democratic congressman who said President Trump used the NDAA and Section 230 to hold millions of Americans hostage with stimulus relief.

How the President’s DELAY with the $900 Billion Stimulus Bill COULD AFFECT YOU

Dr. Chhoda explores the caveats associated with the delay from the President signing the stimulus bill.


Dr. Chhoda explores important comments from GOP lawmakers who are ready to pass stimulus now, as they address several important matters pertaining to the economy.


Dr. Chhoda explores new comments from John Kasich and Warren Buffett as they recognize the pain of our fellow Americans.

The ONE THING That Holds Us Back from GETTING HELP (Jason and Davon’s Story, and their INITIATIVE)

Dr. Chhoda shares examples of how to ask for help, and how to get it from gofundme.

Jason’s campaign –

Davon’s campaign –

HOW TO GET HELP (Taylor Swift’s $13,000 Donation to a Go Fund Me Campaign)

Dr. Chhoda explores how you can get help by setting up your own Go Fund Me page, and how you can help others.

$1.4 Trillion for Gov Funding ALONE, President Asked to VETO PALTRY $908 BILLION STIMULUS

Dr. Chhoda explores some shocking numbers – $1.4 trillion for Government funding while lawmakers complain about $300 billion needed for stimulus checks, and a GOP lawmaker urging the President to veto the $908 stimulus plan.

DEBT EXPLOSION as the $908 Billion Stimulus Plan About to be Released

Dr. Chhoda explores the debt explosion as the $908 billion stimulus plan is about to be released.