$1000 Stimulus Checks in NEW Stimulus Bill (EIDL Grant) Approved: How to Get Yours

In the past month, 26 million Americans — or about 16 percent of all workers — lost their jobs due to the pandemic and government-ordered business closures. President Trump just signed a $484 billion bill – the fourth large coronavirus deal. This revives the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, which ran out of funds in it’s first go-around.

8 Ways to Prevent Scammers from Stealing your Stimulus Check

Everyone’s asking “Where’s my stimulus check” and searching for information online. The problem is – so are scammers. They are trying to steal your information and your stimulus check. Scammers have set up more than 180,000 websites in an attempt to steal data or misinform consumers, according to data from Checkphish by Bolster.

Free Rent & Free Mortgage | NEW Facts You Need to Know

On the heels of the proposed ‘Emergency Money for the People Act’ comes another proposed stimulus package called the ‘Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act of 2020’. There’s no doubt that emergency stimulus is needed right now and this mortgage cancellation stimulus proposal goes a step beyond the $1200 / $2400 stimulus checks.

EXACTLY WHO WILL & WHEN WILL I Get my Stimulus Check in the Mail? (Stimulus Check Update)

If you are wondering “When will I get my stimulus check”, you are not alone. Some have been getting their stimulus deposit via direct bank deposit, others have been getting their paper stimulus check in the mail. In this video, Dr. Nitin Chhoda answers the question “Where is my 2020 stimulus money?”

Pros and Cons of the $2000 Per Month Stimulus | Hope vs Reality

Everything you need to know about the pros and cons of the $2000 per month proposed stimulus plan.
If you support this and want to do something about it:
1.Check out this online petition

The Future of the $2000 Per Month Stimulus Proposal

The idea behind the $2000/month proposed stimulus plan is not new. Did you know that Alaska gives each resident a check every year? Where did the idea for the $2000 per month stimulus proposal come from? What is the extent of the wealth disparity in the United States? What does the future hold for a proposal like this?

The Truth Behind the $2000 Per Month Stimulus

A new $2000 per month stimulus proposal, if signed into law, would give every qualifying American adult (aged 16 or older) $2000 per month if they earned less than $130,000 a year and filed taxes as a single filer. The proposal is that this be doubled to $4000 per month for those filing jointly and making less than $260,000 a year.

Why Money Flows from Point A to Point B – The Morality of Money

There’s a reason money flows from point A to point B. Sure, it has a lot to do with financial planning and being responsible. Financial success requires an understanding of the flow of money, and understanding why money flows a certain way. In this video, we’ll discuss the ‘morality of money’ and help you understand a simple fact.

How to Retire Early with this Secret Retirement Planning Calculator – WAY BETTER than 4% Rule

The 4 percent rule for retirement is very common indeed. Whether you believe in the 4% rule for retirement or not, the key is to follow some common sense investing principles, if you want to enjoy the benefits of early retirement. Instead of giving you early retirement tips and boring the same financial education you get on other financial freedom channels, I’m going to show you a simple retirement planning calculator I use as the basis of my financial independence early retirement goals.

Money Management 101: How to Save Money and Grow Money

We have been getting a lot of questions about monthly money planning tips and financial planning. When it comes to money management tips, Dr. Nitin Chhoda reveals the concept of the ‘financial buffer’ – a principle that does not need an expense tracker or a financial app.

Breaking News – CARES Act Provider Relief Fund: Action Required

Today, we shared some important news with In Touch Billing clients. We said “Expect an ACH payment with ‘US HHH Stimulus’ or ‘HHSPAYMENT’ as the payment description”. They did, and we got 500+ emails, calls and text messages about these funds. This is not the same as EIDL or PPP. If you work with Medicare patients and fit the criteria, expect a deposit as early as today.

How to Complete the Paycheck Protection Program Application for Small Business Owners Stimulus Bill

Organize your payroll and tax documents now! Here’s everything you need to have in place to get the paycheck protection program funds as quickly as possible. This stimulus money for small business owners is federal relief money authorized by the small business administration. Start preparing now, so you are ready to submit your documents.