Democrats JUST SAID THIS About $1.8 Trillion Offer (How This IMPACTS Stimulus)

Dr. Chhoda analyzes Speaker Pelosi’s latest letter to Democrats about the $1.8 trillion offer, saying the administration’s policies on testing and tracing are inadequate. The Speaker highlighted the inadequacies in the White House offer.


The stimulus relief bills that Congress passed earlier this year to address the pandemic amounted to one of the costliest relief efforts in U.S. history, and the undertaking soon won praise across the political spectrum for its size and speed.

The HARSH REALITY About Stimulus Checks & Money (What You MUST KNOW)

Dr. Chhoda explores the harsh reality about stimulus checks, and how we can re-engineer our approach towards money in the future (post pandemic) world. The bottom line – Money should work for you, you should not work for money – and this is something that will be explored in more detail.


Dr. Chhoda shares THREE ways to grow a business in the new post-pandemic world, and takes you behind the scenes of his own businesses, as well as the device used to record this video!

White House READY FOR BIGGER STIMULUS DEAL (Speaker and Mnuchin SPOKE Today)

Dr. Chhoda reports that the House Speaker & Secretary Mnuchin spoke at 3:00 pm today for 40 minutes. Their conversation focused on determining whether there is any prospect of an imminent agreement on a comprehensive bill.

THIS is What Matters to Senators (PRIORITY over Stimulus)

Dr. Chhoda analyzes a recent comment from Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, who said he’ll vote to confirm SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett even if he’s still testing positive.
“If we have to go in and vote, I’ve already told leadership I’ll go in a moon suit,” Johnson said on talk radio.

How to DEAL WITH the $$$ STRESS around Stimulus (What You MUST KNOW)

Dr. Chhoda shares some advice on how to deal with the anxiety surrounding stimulus as you wait for updates about the ongoing negotiations.

WHY Stimulus is Needed RIGHT NOW

Dr. Chhoda explores why stimulus is needed right now, including latest comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

These 25 Companies PROSPERED in the Pandemic (What You MUST KNOW)

Dr. Chhoda explores a Financial Times article, which identified companies across sectors that have prospered during this pandemic.

How to TURN THE TIDE in 2021 (What You MUST KNOW)

Dr. Chhoda looks back at 2020, and helps you prepare for 2021. Everything has a ripple effect.

WHEN Will I Get my STIMULUS CHECK (Steps Involved)

In this video, Dr. Chhoda provides the TIMELINE of when to expect the stimulus check, and the steps involved in getting there.

Stimulus Negotiations SHAKEN UP by SHOCKING ACTION from President

Dr. Chhoda analyzes what the President just did, reactions from the medical community and the THREE reasons why the President just did this, including the need to shake up the conversation on the next stimulus.